Hired is a mixed cooperative and competitive game about the power of bias in the hiring process. It was created by Gayathri Gopalakrishnan and Jesse Himmelstein.


In Hired, a group of players represent a team of managers deciding on which candidates to hire for important positions in their organization. In addition to the CVs of the candidates, they each have access to information known only to them, that could influence the decision. However, each player also has a secret bias, such as not wanting to hire women, or not wanting to hire older people, etc. The players decide which information to share, to not share, or to lie about, in order to match their bias. But if another player detects their bias, they can be called out and their power diminished.

Hired is currently in the prototype phase.


Version 1

In its first version, Hired is a card game, with the goal of rendering explicit the concept of implicit bias. As Gayathri writes in the original blogpost that accompanied its release: "Unconscious bias is a psychological phenomenon where our brains perception of certain people is skewed based on our past knowledge and experiences. It’s not that we are either good or bad people in the way we judge others, it’s just that our brain has to process so much information that it has evolved mechanisms to make things easy in processing information. But the problem is that it may not always help us make the right decisions."

Playtesting revealed that Hired sparks interesting discussion around the hiring process, as well as being engaging. However the scoring system and secret information cards are complex for players to manage.

To play this version of the game, you can download the cards here and read the instructions here.


Version 2 (in progress)

In version 2 of the game, we would like to convert it into a multiplayer smartphone app. This would allow players to avoid having to calculate scores, and for the game to figure out how well the organization did as a whole in its hiring process.