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“Another Day” prototype released

Written by Leïla Satsou.


When doing research about inclusivity, and analyzing testimonies, I realized how difficult it was to make a safe professional environment for everybody. I used to take the game “Parable of Polygons” as an example.

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Indeed, everyone is lead by numerous and different biases. As a result, it is very difficult to change mentalities.

We can’t change people in a snap of the fingers; it is a harsh work to do on ourselves. My goal is not to change the way of thinking, but to engage the players’ awareness.

This awareness is the first step to inclusivity.

I began to look for the mediator role in company. In every company, the human resource director embodies this role. For me, it was obvious that the player should take this position and then make some moral decisions. These decisions would have an impact on the well-being of the one who is concerned, all the employees of the company, and the company itself.

Taking account of all these elements was making the player’s decisions more difficult. Indeed, on the one hand he has the person who feel bad in the company, and in the other hand he has all the others employees.

The game I developed proposes different choices, as well as different endings. The player will never have the feeling of losing the game, or either winning it. Endings will adapt the player’s choices.

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Play the game or check out the code