Another Day

Another Day is a visual novel exploring diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. It was originally created by Leila Satsou, and then adapted by Radhika Beaume, Liburn Jupolli, and Jesse Himmelstein.

In Another Day, the player is a HR director at a company in Delhi. They must make ethical decisions in order to maintain a productive and inclusive atmosphere within their workplace. These decisions must balance the desires and fears of employees that differ on issues around sexual orientation, clothes, religion, food, etc.

Another Day is currently in the prototype phase.



Version 1

As described in the blog post accompanying the release of the first prototype, Leila began by looking for the mediator role in company. "In every company, the human resource director embodies this role. For me, it was obvious that the player should take this position and then make some moral decisions. These decisions would have an impact on the well-being of the one who is concerned, all the employees of the company, and the company itself.

"Taking account of all these elements was making the player’s decisions more difficult. Indeed, on the one hand he has the person who feel bad in the company, and in the other hand he has all the other employees."

The first version was developed solely with text, using the Twine engine, as 4 independent stories. The code is available on GitHub, and you can play online as well.


Version 2

Players felt that they learned a lot about diversity through playing Another Day. However, the game was not engaging them enough. For this reason, we decided to enrich the game through graphics and music.

Rather than taking on all 4 stories from the original prototype, we decided to make a test for just one of them, about clothes. In the story, a young woman named Neha is hired. The other employees on her team, who are older men, are offended by her choice of clothing. As the HR director, the player tries to resolve the situation.

In the interest of time, we didn't color in the graphics, but already having drawings, including different expressions for different characters, made a huge difference. It also made us approach the storytelling differently, because we didn't have to describe a characters reactions through words, only through speech.


Capture d’écran 2017-03-24 à 16.35.38

In addition, we added a soundtrack to this story. You can read about how the soundtrack was created in this blog post by Liburn. As he describes:

"After listening and analyzing several works from Ravi Shankar and other Classical Indian musicians i worked on creating a varied palette of possibilities with the styles I mentioned above that could create a blend a repetitive atmosphere representing the office with a richness in orchestration that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of in an office setting representing each different character and mood.

"While its still a process of work I took this standpoint so the project can have a range of choices and variations within a specific modern, traditional Indian, minimal, setting."

You can also listen to tracks with names starting with "Another Day" below:

You can play this version of Another Day online, and find the code on GitHub.



Version 3 (in progress)

Version 2 tested very well, with everyone citing the graphics as a big improvement in engagement.

For the next version, we would like to rework the stories as well as add more polished graphics and ambient music.