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About IncLudo

‘INCLUDO’ is a collaborative project of ZMQ Development & SCIRE Association, Paris and is supported by European Union. The key focus of the project is to promote value of diversity and foster inclusivity at workplace.

‘Includo’ aims to build capacities of organizations on diversity and inclusivity through a Gaming platform. An organization with diverse personnel and inclusive environment recognizes and appreciates different perspectives and backgrounds. This approach not only makes them innovative by understanding diverse needs of society, but also helps in providing efficient solutions and services for the growth of the organization.

Under this project, user-friendly tools in the form of interactive digital games and role-play exercises will be developed for organizational leaders, management teams, and other decision makers on the issue. In the process, workshops and survey will be conducted with the organizations to get their inputs on diversity and inclusiveness, which will feed in as research for the tools to be developed. Developed tools will then be shared with the partner organizations. This approach will help in building a holistic understanding of diversity and importance of inclusive environment at the workplace. The intervention will help in recognizing various challenges and bottle-necks that exists within an organization and sensitize about the importance of inclusivity at workplace.